Substance Use & Addiction
Therapy in Toronto

Do any of these substance use-related experiences apply to you?

  • Using a substance(s) in larger amounts or over a longer period of time than intended?
  • Unsuccessful attempts to cut down, control or stop substance(s) use?
  • Spending too much time consuming or recovering from the use of a substance(s)?
  • Having uncontrollable cravings or strong desires to use a substance(s)?
  • Experiencing difficulties at work, school or home due to your substance(s) use?
  • Continued substance(s) use despite problems in relationships with others?
  • Experiencing negative physical and/or psychological consequences during or after using the substance(s) (e.g., feeling down, anxiety, shame, guilt, hallucinations, withdrawal)?

People who struggle with the use of substances often do so as a result of psychological and/or interpersonal struggles. Together we will discover the underlying factors that are leading to your substance(s) use. Together we will identify where you are at in your readiness to cut down or stop using substance(s). Then we will come up with a plan that sets you up for success. One step at a time until you regain control over your life.