Therapy in Toronto

Are you experiencing self-worth related issues?

  • Do you have a low opinion of yourself?
  • Do you feel poorly about yourself and your abilities regardless of how much you have achieved?
  • Are you struggling to give yourself credit for your achievements?
  • Are you struggling to maintain a sense of being a good and competent person?
  • Are you overly focused on preventing mistakes or perceived mistakes?
  • Do you find yourself driven by overly perfectionistic standards, ideals and/or expectations that have an impact on you and your relationships with others?
  • Do you feel unlovable?
  • Do you have an excessive tendency to please others?
  • Did you experience emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect?
  • Did you experience bullying or teasing while growing up?

Together we will identify the thoughts that are causing and maintaining your low self-esteem. We will work on replacing these thoughts with ones that are balanced and valid and are based on your experience in the world.

Once you start to look at your experiences from a balanced perspective, you will be able to enjoy positive feelings about yourself and your interactions with others. It’s time to spend your energy on appreciating who you are and what you offer as opposed to worrying if you are good enough.