Depression & Anxiety
Therapy in Toronto

Do any of these depression-related symptoms apply to you?

  • Feeling down or “blue” much of the time?
  • Experiencing painful, hopeless and powerless feelings about yourself, your relationships and/or your life?
  • Finding yourself crying without knowing why?
  • Noticing changes in your sleep, appetite, concentration or decision-making ability?
  • Feeling hopeless or helpless about your current circumstances or the future?
  • Having negative thoughts and feelings about yourself (e.g., worthlessness, shame, guilt)?
  • Having less interest, pleasure or motivation to participate in previously enjoyed activities?
  • Feeling slowed down, fatigued or fidgety?
  • Having difficulties functioning at home, work, school or in relationships?

If yes, then you might be struggling with symptoms of depression. Research shows that psychotherapy is an effective way to manage the debilitating symptoms of depression. Learn coping strategies that will allow you to fight the negative thoughts. Regain your interest in people and activities you once enjoyed. Don’t stay in this struggle alone. Together we will work on making you feel better.

Do you struggle with any of the following symptoms of anxiety?

  • Uncontrollable worries about daily life issues?
  • Persistent feelings of incompetence and failing?
  • Avoiding people and/or situations due to fears of making mistakes or disappointing others?
  • Physical tension, restlessness, or difficulties relaxing and staying calm?
  • Feeling like you are constantly on edge, overwhelmed or burnt out?

If yes, then you might be struggling with anxiety. Worrying about certain issues and certain situations is understandable. However, when worrying becomes pretty much about anything and everything then it becomes a problem that takes over your life. Anxiety affects people of all ages.

Whether you fear specific situations such as public speaking or riding in an elevator, or you worry about almost everything, there is help. Reach out to learn strategies to help you engage in life as opposed to avoiding it.